Cancer prevention study looking for volunteers

Like many Americans, Skaneateles resident Marie Bailey's life has been touched by cancer.

"My 40-year-old sister was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago, and she is still battling it. So I would do anything I can to stop such a horrible disease, " she Bailey.

Bailey is one of more than 250 people in Central New York to enroll in the American Cancer Society's Cancer Prevention Study.

The Skaneateles YMCA and Auburn YMCA and Auburn Memorial Hospital will be enrolling particpants for the study this week. Volunteers must be between 30-65 years old and never have been diagnosed with cancer.

Enrolling in the study takes less than 20 minutes. Volunteers are asked to fill out a short survey and submit a blood sample. Once enrolled, volunteers are asked to fill out a follow up survey every two to three years.

Martha Ryan of the American Cancer Society says the information collected in the study is added to a nationwide database used by researchers to look for factors that may cause or prevent cancer.

"We're looking at environment, behavior and genetics. so if someone is diagnosed during that duration they will unfreeze the blood and look for genetic markers," she says.

This is the American Cancer Society's third cancer prevention study. The first helped researchers establish a link between smoking and lung cancer in the 1950's.

Enrollment will be held at the Auburn YMCA on Wednesday from 6:30am-10:30am, at the Skaneateles YMCA on Wednesday from 4-7 pm and on Thursday at Auburn Memorial Hosptial from 2-6pm. Click here more information on signing up.