Candidates try to lock down votes on final weekend before election

On this final weekend before Election Day, candidates are busy going door to door trying to lock down votes.

Democrat Khalid Bey and Green Party Howie Hawkins are running against each other for a seat on the Syracuse Common Council.

The 4th District Seat represents a diverse section of Syracuse, from the South and Near Westside neighborhoods to the Westcott Neighborhood near the SU Hill.

With voter turnout expected to be at an all-time low this year, both candidates know they need to get voters to the polls.

"People are coming up and saying you know, I'll vote for you on Tuesday and I hope they do," said Bey. "I hope they remember."

"We've identified a lot of supporters," said Hawkins. "We want to make sure they come out and vote on Tuesday, November 8th."

While candidates go door to door to talk with folks and put up political signs, they know this is the 21st century, and there's a 21st century approach to politics.

Right now on YouTube, the Hawkins Camp has uploaded a cartoon video promoting part of his campaign message.

Hawkins, who's no stranger to politics, is also on Facebook and Twitter.

His opponent is, too.

"It's like the automatic door to door -- the person is definitely home," said Bey. "I make posts every other day as often as I can, particularly on facebook.

But both Bey and Hawkins say in such a localized race, it's often hard to find people online who actually live in their district.

They say there's nothing quite like going door to door.

"People want to meet their representatives and talk with them about the issues," said Hawkins. "And I've made that a priority in my campaign."

"When people actually have an opportunity to experience you, the chances of them voting for you is a lot greater," said Bey.

Which is why both candidates say they will keep knocking on doors, asking for votes.