Canvas Peace Project in Syracuse helps African school

Ariang School in South Sudan is getting help from Sudanese Lost Boys who've settled in Syracuse, and from the Central NY community

Gabriel Bol Deng, a 'Lost Boy' of Sudan who fled Africa and settled in the Syracuse area, is giving back to his homeland, and involving Central New Yorkers in rebuilding his war-torn country.

The Hope for Ariang project focuses on a school that teaches not only primary grades, but also older Sudanese who missed out on formal education because of the war.

The latest fundraiser involves artwork, painted by teachers and students from area schools, as well as professional artists from across the country, with their interpretations of the situation in Africa. The Canvas Peace Project, as it's called, will raise money to support the South Sudan school and more.

Bol Deng says 'Our mission is not just to build a school.' It's also to raise awareness of the situation in South Sudan, and will also build the community around the school, including empowering women, who are starting businesses and can help grow a sustainable economy.

The art work will be on display at LeMoyne College's Dolphin Den on Sunday, March 17th, with a fundraising auction 2 - 6pm. Read more on Hope for Ariang on their website