Cardboard sleds race in "Sled for Red" event to raise money for AIDS

Sled for Red supports AIDS in the community


and made costumes and sleds were out at four seasons ski resort in Fayetteville this afternoon. The resort hosted its third annual Sled for Red charity event. This event is aimed to raise money for AIDS in Central New York. Of the 21 teams who came here with their sleds some of them were here for fun, but others were here for personal reasons.

Ryan Titchen was racing for the Starbucks team. "The very first boss I ever had actually had AIDS and he was very aware of the fact that he did have AIDS," says Titchen.

Debby Bell is one of Titchen's teammates. "One of our other Starbucks managers, her partner is part of the southern tier AIDS program," says Bell.

The money is received by AIDS Community Resources in Syracuse. Wil Murtaugh is the Deputy Executive Director for this organization. "This goes to our prevention and education services for our youth and also to emergency needs of clients that we serve who have HIV/AIDS," says Murtaugh.

Murtaugh isn't only in charge of this group, he also manned one of the sleds today. "My team was the green team and my team was the fastest one down the hill," says Murtaugh.

You aren't able to find these sleds in stores, rules for participating in the event require that you make your sled out of cardboard. Each team needed to come with at least $250 in order to participate. There were four Starbucks teams from around Central New York and the best part about these teams was the company matched anything they were able to raise.