Career Fair scheduled, for Veterans only

Beyond the ceremonies, finding jobs for CNY vets

A career fair aimed at getting more Central New York Veterans into the job force is scheduled for January 31st at Onondaga Community College.

Operation: Hired will have actual jobs, but according to Juanita Perez Williams from the NY State Labor Department, it will also help vets who are just coming out of the armed services, or those who are underemployed, find and catalog the skills to get them into meaningful work. Help sessions, including on resume writing and presentation, are offered through local offices (at 477-6973). Perez Williams says veterans may not think they have the exact skills for many jobs, but they've learned leadership, perseverance and honesty through their service---qualities valued by employers.

The career fair is welcoming more employers, who also get the advantage of tax credits for hiring veterans who have been unemployed four weeks or longer.

The career fair is scheduled to run 10am - 5pm, at the SRC Arena at Onondaga Community College, on January 31st.

CNYCentral is pleased to sponsor the outreach effort.