Case of Romulus man who admitted to killing son for insurance money to be featured on NBC's Dateline tonight

Karl Karlsen is spending the next 15 years in jail for the death of his son, Levi. Tonight, the story will be told on Dateline.

The story of the Romulus man who admitted to purposefully killing his son so that he could collect insurance money will be featured on NBC's Dateline Friday night.

In November, 53-year-old Karl Karlsen pleaded guilty to second-degree murder relate to the death of his son 23-year-old Levi, the same morning his trial was scheduled to start.

He had been charged with murder and insurance fraud, but as part of the plea deal, the Seneca County District Attorney's Office agreed to drop the insurance fraud charge.

Prosecutors said Karlsen rigged a set-up on the family farm in 2008, so that a truck would fall off its jacks onto his son as he was working underneath it -- to make it look as if Levi's death was an accident.

Levi was found crushed under the truck.

Karl initially told sheriff's deputies he came home and found his son dead. Investigators later learned about a life insurance policy that was taken out just days before, from a family member.

Karlsen collected $700,000 in the settlement, as he had arranged to be his son's only beneficiary.

Last month, Karlsen learned he would spend the next 15 years behind bars.

Family members were relieved with the punishment, but said they were disappointed Karlsen didn't apologize in court.

They're hoping investigators in Calaveras County in California will indict him on charges related to another case, the death of Karlsen's first wife, 30-year-old Christina Karlsen.

Her death in a 1991 New Year's Day fire was originally ruled accidental.

Christina Karlsen was trapped in the bathroom because of flames that started because of a kerosene-soaked carpet.

Karl left town less than three days later, before his wife was buried.

Christina's father said Karl had taken out a large life insurance policy on her shortly before her death.

The Dateline special is expected to focus on both Christina and Levi's deaths.

It airs at 8 p.m. Friday on NBC 3.