Castor returns to Onondaga County for hearing

Stacey Castor / file photo

Stacey Castor got a brief break Thursday from serving her prison sentence of 51 and a third years to life. She appeared before Onondaga County Court Judge Joseph Fahey who heard a request to release secret Grand Jury minutes in the case. Onondaga County District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick wants permission to turn some of those minutes over to the District Attorney of Cayuga County.

Cayuga County authorities are investigating Castor's alleged involvement in the 2000 anti-freeze murder of her first husband Michael Wallace.

The Town of Clay woman was convicted earlier this year in a highly charged trial of killing her second husband, David Castor, with anti-freeze and attempting to kill her own daughter, Ashley Wallace, in an attempt to blame her for the crime.

During the trial, prosecutors brought up the murder of Michael Wallace even though Castor has not yet been charged.

Judge Fahey promised to decide whether to release the Grand Jury minutes within ten days. Fahey told lawyers he feared such a release would create a "slippery slope" since the Grand Jury process is supposed to be secret.

Until Fahey makes a decision, Stacey Castor will be staying at the Onondaga County Justice Center.