Cat survives being shot through its body with an arrow

Cat shot with a 27-inch arrow is recovering

If it weren't for the stitches on either side of Norman's stomach, you would never guess what the friendly cat has been through. Ten days ago a client rushed him to Waterville Veterinary Clinic after finding the cat in a field with a 27 inch arrow through his body. Veterinarian James Gilchrist says the cat had already lost a significant amount of blood when it came into the clinic.

"In the midst of how horrible it looked, the cat was purring, he had his head up and we fell in love with him immediately," said Gilchrist.

Before doctors could remove the arrow, they needed to know exactly what damage it had done. Veterinary technician Elaine Forte says Norman was calm and the arrow did not move around very much.

"Luckily he was very good about holding still. You can see, he's such a good kitty - I think he knew that we were going to help him," said Forte.

The arrow punctured Norman's stomach in four places but after two surgeries, he is nearly fully recovered. Norman is very popular around the clinic but has a special bond with Elaine Forte and loves to fall asleep while she holds him. If Norman's family can't be found, Forte will adopt him.

"You would think that with what he's been through that he'd be really scared but no - he loves everybody," said Forte.

Forte is thrilled Norman has recovered but still angry someone could be so heartless as to shoot an arrow at a cat. State Police are investigating. .

"Had he been out there much longer, I think the infection would have been too much for him to survive," said Gilchrist.

Other suggested names included Robin Hood and Arrow, but Forte and the rest of the staff didnâ??t want the cat to have a name that reflects the trauma he endured.

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