Caught on video - Car slams into two vehicles in high-speed crash in Eastwood

The car then hit this vehicle at Rigi Avenue, knocking the van about 40-50 feet down the road

A car speeding down James Street in Syracuseâ??s Eastwood neighborhood hit a curb then collided with a car and an SUV before finally coming to a stop. It happened at about 11:05 a.m. Tuesday.

The surveillance video above, from a nearby business on James Street, shows the accident happen.

Syracuse Police say 90-year-old Earl Jenkins, of Liverpool, was driving a 2003 Dodge Stratus westbound on James Street when he hit an unoccupied, parked 2012 Kia. Jenkins then veered into the eastbound lane and struck a 2012 Dodge Durango that was headed eastbound.


Watch: Video of the scene


Randy Thompson, who saw the accident, told CNY Central that a car speeding west down James Street ran a red light at Midler and hit the curb. The car then hit a car at Rigi Avenue, knocking the van about 40-50 feet down the road into a parking lot. Thompson says the car then hit an SUV headed east before coming to rest. Thompson says the car was likely going over 70 MPH.

Thompson told us that the driver of the car, Jenkins, was elderly and looked like he was panicking, likely trying to get the car to stop. Thompson says the man may have tried to step on the brake but instead stepped on the gas. Bystanders were able to get Jenkins out of the car.

Jenkins was transported to Upstate Hospital with an ankle injury. The driver of the Dodge Durango was not injured.

James Street between Midler Avenue and Rigi Avenue was closed for about an hour and a half while the scene was cleared and the three vehicles were towed.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation. No tickets have been issued at this time.

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