Caught on video: Erratic car speeds down snowy I-81 median

A dramatic video of an out of control car driving down the median of interstate 81 in Pennsylvania is circulating on the web. The video had over half a million views by Thursday morning.

The driver appears to be traveling close to the highwayâ??s speed limit. When the car hits a bump on the snowy median of the highway, the car goes airborne. Eventually, the car looses itâ??s bumper.

The video was recorded by Shawn Lucas of York near the Paxonia exit on I-81 around 8:00am Monday morning, reports abc27.

The driver reportedly told state police that she suffered from epilepsy, causing her to veer off the road, reports PennLive.

According to PennLive, state police say 61-year-old Cheryl Hefenfingerâ??s car finally came to a halt after crashing into an embankment. Hefenfinger was taken to a nearby hospital and is in good condition.

Paxtonia Fire Company Chief Mike Fife told abc27 the driver, â??suffered from a diabetic emergency.â??

"I would just say it like this -- the lights are on but nobody's home. Meaning, your eyes are open, you're wide awake, but you don't realize what's going on around you," Chief Fife told abc27 news. "And from the video that I watched, that has to be what's happening," he added.

Have you ever seen anything like this? Have you experienced trouble driving due to medical conditions? Do you think action should be taken to ensure that this doesnâ??t occur again? Leave your thoughts below.

(Note: This video contains profane language. The video headline was chosen by the individual responsible for the upload and can not be changed by CNY Central.)