Cayuga Community College declares financial emergency

Seven weeks before the start of the fall semester, Cayuga Community College is declaring an emergency. The Board of Trustees is dealing with dire financial conditions and, in an 8 to 1 vote agreed to take new measures to reduce costs.

In a news release, The Board indicated it could look to reduce salaries, lay off, or terminate tenured faculty, non-tenured faculty, and other employees before the expiration of their contracts. "After all the cuts and reductions made thus far, we must turn to our personnel costs in order to balance the budget," said College President Daniel P. Larson. "Depending upon enrollment, we'll know how much needs to be done," Larson said. In May, CCC announced that it had closed nearly $1 million of a $1.5 million budget shortfall for 2012-13 but still had about $567,000 to cut before the end of current fiscal year on Aug. 31.

The College's $30.32 million dolalr budget goes before Cayuga County Legislature for approval July 23.

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