Cayuga County could charge Stacey Castor with murder

Stacey Castor / file photo

Officials in Cayuga County are investigating the possibility of charging Stacy Castor with the murder of her first husband. Michael Wallace was murdered back in 2000, and the case remains unsolved, but Cayuga County Sheriff David Gould says that Castor is a prime suspect.

Gould says he and Cayuga County District Attorney Jon Budelmann plan to meet with Onondaga County Sheriff Kevin Walsh and District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick next week to see if there is any evidence from the trial that can help them build a case against Castor. " We have to make sure everything is done and this is the right person. I'm not saying its not. I certainly think it is at this time but we have to present this and win this case," Gould says.

Castor's defense attorney Chuck Keller says he is ready to defend Castor a second time if the case his brought to trial in Cayuga County. "It's still our position that she's not guilty of that crime," he says.

Castor will be sentenced for the anti-freeze poisoning murder of her second husband, David Castor Sr, in Onondaga County Court on March 5th. She could receive a sentence of life in prison.