Cayuga County murder suspect was victim's stepson

At a Noon Tuesday news conference, details on Cayuga County's latest homicide. (l-r) Sheriffs Investigator Joseph Weeks, Sheriff David Gould and District Attorney Jon Budelmann.

A domestic violence homicide remains under investigation in Cayuga County, with an unusual request to crime scene neighbors.

Cayuga County Sheriffs Deputies say 41-year-old John Welsh was stabbed around 11pm on Lakeview Drive in Fleming. The suspect is his stepson, 18-year-old Logan Jones, who reportedly fled the scene on foot, apparently with a kitchen knife believed to be the murder weapon. Logan was spotted in Auburn, on Kearny Avenue at around 12:45 and was arrested. He's now being held without bail, pending another court appearance next Monday.

At a noontime Tuesday news conference, Cayuga County Sheriff David Gould appealed to neighbors who live on Lakeview Drive, and nearby Forest Hill Drive and White Birch Lane to look for the weapon. Teams of law enforcers and firefighters were out searching for the knife, but residents are encouraged to help, before expected heavy snows bury the area. Neighbors we spoke with say Logan had, for years, walked the wooded area behind the Fleming Fire Station #1 and cut through their yards on his way to Route 38 and Auburn.

Law enforcers knew both Welsh and Jones: they were arrested for burglary at an Elizabeth Street home in Auburn on August 13. Cayuga County DA Jon Budelmann says Welsh plead guilty back in November and was due to be sentenced in January. Jones has attempted burglary charges pending.

A family member called 9-1-1 to report the Monday crime scene, and there are concerns about three children, all under the age of 18, who were in the home at the time of the murder. They're now with family, and their schools have already been notified to give support.

There are also concerns that Cayuga County has an unusually high rate of father-son domestic violence. Before this case, former Cayuga Deputy Bernard Gallow was shot to death by his son, in Scipio, in March of 2011. Michael Gallow is now serving 22 years to life.

"This kind of violence is not the answer," says DA Budelman. "I think we have a terrific organization with several agencies trying to combat domestic violence in our community," says Sheriff Gould. "Why we keep getting these incidents, it's mind boggling, I don't know but it's not for the lack of trying or people caring."