Cayuga County town to give taxpayers a rebate

A Sennett town councilor confirms to CNYCentral there is a plan to issue tax rebates of $100.00 each to all "primary town residents and businesses." The town cites recent growth, which has created a big surplus. In a prepared release the Town Supervisor Jeff Herrick said, "The Town of Sennett business climate has improved dramatically over the past several years. The improved business climate, coupled with reduced Town operating expenses, has created a substantial increase in the Townâ??s Reserve Fund. As a result of business growth and new houses being built, the Town of Sennettâ??s assessed value has increased $78 million in the last five years for a total assessed value that exceeds over $350 million in 2013."

The formal annoucement about the tax rebates will come during a news conference scheduled for Thursday at 3:00 p.m. at Sennett Town Hall at 6931 Cherry Street Road. The 2010 Census reported the population in July 2009 was 3,427. (Population change since 2000: +5.6%)

According to the website city-data dot com, the estimated median household income in 2009 in Sennett was $66,453 (it was $50,282 in 2000).