Cayuga Heights Village Board approves controversial deer kill

O pponents of a controversial deer management program in Cayuga Heights are accusing the village board of slipping in legislation that gives the green light to the mass slaying of deer.

On Monday, the village's Board of Trustees approved an environmental review and quickly followed with the approval and resolution to implement the deer management plan.

Opponents say they did so without notifying them of the votes in advance. Cayuga Heights Village Mayor Kate Supron says the debate over the deer management plan has been going on for years, so the vote is not entirely unexpected. "I was aware that we would be criticized for doing it in a smaller meeting with fewer members of the public present but I don't think they were doing that in any way to slip it in under the radar." Supron said.

Residents of the village outside of Ithaca have been grappling with an overpopulation of deer that has ruined gardens and caused a public safety hazard.

One of the methods of killing the deer would include capturing them in a net and killing them with a bolt through the brain. Opponent James Laveck pf says such a method is cruel and unethical and has never been used in a suburban setting. "We don't want our community to be the gateway to this really heinous practice." Laveck told CNY Central's Jim Kenyon Thursday.

Mayor Supron says the Village Board has not decided whether to use the net and bolt method or to employ sharpshooters.

Laveck says opponents intend to pack a meeting on Monday of the village board as it considers changes to a fencing ordinance, which Laveck claims is the most humane way to control the deer population.