Cazenovia closes lake to motor boats to avoid further erosion

Cazenovia Lake reached high levels


n Cazenovia Lake the water is up to unprecedented levels. It's so noticeable that the town declared a State of Emergency for the lake after boaters started speaking up when they started going on the lake for Fourth of July weekend.

One of the many concerns the town has for boaters out on the lake is erosion especially under the docks like this one at the public launch at Lakeside Park. It's become so hazardous for boaters that it's currently closed to all boaters whether they're speed boats or not.

Jim Longo is the manager of Willow Bank Yacht Club. "Depending on what the docks are made of and how they're constructed and all that. I know that we even have situations where we have a dock structure with some wooden planks that go across. There have been a couple of those planks that have been lifted and dislodged from where they might normally be," says Longo.

As of last weekend the waters were up more than they should be. There's concern if the waters keep rising, more problems could roll in.

Bill Zupan is on the Town Council in Cazenovia. "We're concerned that if you get enough boat traffic and you get big enough wakes, docks could break free or something could break free and it could become submerged in the lake and a boat hits it," says Zupan.

The town is trying to push as much water as possible through the canal on the east side of the lake into the Chittenango Creek. They are doing this through a dam which has been opened for two days until the water levels can not go any higher in the creek. The town expects this ban on motor boats to last for the next three or four days.