Cazenovia family raising money to adopt 15 year old orphan from Eastern Europe

Cazenovia family is trying to adopt a 15 year old orphan from Eastern Europe who they hosted twice last year.

As they flip through photos, Danielle Synborski and her husband, Matt are reminded that right now their family is not complete.

"When he left after the winter we both felt like he's ours. He needs to be a part of this family. This is just impossible," says Synborski.

They're raising money to adopt a 15 year old orphan from Eastern Europe who they hosted in their Cazenovia home twice last year.

Due to strict adoption rules in his country, the Synborskis cant reveal any identifying information until the adoption is complete. That includes his name, any pictures of him standing by himself, or what country he comes from in Eastern Europe.

After growing up in an abusive home with an addict mother, before moving from foster homes to an orphanage, they know he needs their love.

"He just needs devotion and love. Unconditional love from parents that can take the burden of the stuff he's been through with him. Not fix him but go through it with him," says Synborski.

The time-consuming adoption process costs nearly $32,000. So farm the community has chipped in $15,000.

"They want to see someone with a bad circumstance go to a better place and have their life improve," says Synborski.

Juggling three of their own young children, it won't be easy.

"Being a teenager is hard whether you have a family or not. But can you imagine without parents? You need to have a family. It doesn't matter how old you are," says Synborski.

As far as the Synborskis are concerned, he's already family. It's just about making it official.

A fundraiser is being held Friday October 25 at the Uno Pizzeria in Fayetteville where 15% of your check will go toward adoption costs.

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