Cazenovia Police step up patrols amid reports of women being followed

Cazenovia Police are stepping up patrols due to several reports of women being followed.

Police have received five reports in the last few weeks of women being followed while running and biking near Sullivan Street, Linklean Street and Maple Road.

The Chief calls the incidents suspicious, but isn't sure why the women are being followed.

Police are looking for two different vehicles, an orange two-door car and a black truck. They do not have any further details about the vehicles.

Neighbors say they have been talking about the incidents, and were surprised to hear about problems in the area. "I feel like it's a very safe place," said Wendy Edwards, who lives in Cazenovia. "We're happy to be raising our family here."

"Generally, we have a very safe and enjoyable community, so that's concerning," said Karen Dursten, who was out walking her dog in Cazenovia.

Some neighbors also plan on taking extra precautions, in light of the reports. "I think I'll just be more aware of my surroundings," said Christine Gregg of Cazenovia. "I typically wear my [ear] buds and just walk, so I'll just be more aware of what's around."

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