Cazenoviaâ??s Beezie Madden talks about being back to â??workâ??

Beezie Maddenat Stal Heins, their Netherlands base. They compete in Austria this weekend.

Beezie Madden says â??I donâ??t really notice much when Iâ??m riding,â?? about the collarbone she broke earlier this year.

The Olympic equestrian from Cazenovia has been recovering for two months, but is now in Europe, campaigning for a spot on the US team in Septemberâ??s World Equestrian Games.

She may be competing again, but has not really had time off: she's been teaching and coaching.

This weekend her top horses have time off, but sheâ??ll be riding in Treffen, Austria

in her first level 5 grand prix, and on Breitling, the horse she took the fall with at a Westchester show. She tells us he, and she are ready.

We talked with Beezie, on Facetimeâ?¦click the link for the full interview.

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