CBA baseball player battles leukemia, inspires area athletes

For Jack Sheridan, it began with fatigue and joint pain. Soreness that lasted for days and seemed unrelated to the young Christian Brothers Academy pitcherâ??s routine. He fought through it. Attempting to keep up with his busy school and baseball schedule as the Brothers advanced through the Class A playoffs.

Last Thursday, just before his teamâ??s semifinal meeting with Jamesville-DeWitt, Jack was given devastating news. He wouldnâ??t be joining his teammates that night. Instead, he was rushed from school to Golisano Childrenâ??s Hospital.

The sophomore had been diagnosed with leukemia.

The news of Jackâ??s diagnosis spread quickly through the tight-knit CBA and local baseball communities. Fellow baseball players inscribed Jackâ??s initials, â??J.S.â?? inside their caps. Today, as the CBA girls lacrosse team made their bid for a state finals appearance, they did so with â??JSâ?? inked in black on their right calves.

â??For the past week all weâ??ve been playing for is Jack,â?? said goalie Alea Bonner. â??Heâ??s in our hearts and all we wanted to do is make it [to the Final Four] for him.â??

With an 11-1 loss to Victor this morning, the CBA girls' hopes for a finals appearance were dashed. But Jackâ??s battle is helping his classmates keep the wins and losses in perspective.

â??It kind of hit home for us because he was an athlete and he couldnâ??t play in his sectional final game,â?? said fellow CBA sophomore Maddie Cook. â??Weâ??re so lucky to be healthy and to be able to come out and play everyday so we just wanted to show our support. Heâ??s really made an impact on us. He may not know it, but heâ??s made a big difference.â??

Jack has already finished two rounds of chemotherapy and is doing well so far. The young pitcherâ??s mother says heâ??s treating his battle with leukemia like a ball game.

â??Last week we were in the top of the first inning,â?? explained Kim Sheridan. â??We got three outs this week. Today we are in the bottom of the first. We may have a 3-2 count on the batter with a lot of foul balls, so this game may take a while and we may have to go into extra innings. But Jack says he will win this game and there is NO need to go to the bullpen.â??