Cell phone calls: Are you avoiding someone?

A new report claims 13% of cell phone owners have pretended to be on the phone to avoid talking to or acknowledging someone nearby.

Have you ever done that? Surprisingly, many people say it's very common!

While it may seem dishonest, some people think it's a fair way to avoid an uncomfortable situation.

Richard Levak, Clinical Psychologist and Personality Expert, says, "I think that it just happens that the cell phone is a very handy excuse to say 'I'm so sorry, I'd love to talk to you, but not now.' Because, rather than to say look 'I'm in a hurry, I've got a doctors appointment,' or some of the old excuses before the cell phone." Levak says there is nothing wrong with delaying certain interactions until you are ready.

Levak adds, "Well, it is ironical that cell phones are there to keep us all connected and here we are occasionally using a cell phone to stay disconnected."

People who were asked say they think everyone has faked a phone call at least once to avoid a conversation... well, maybe not everybody. But those who have, said they've done it at work, at play, even at the grocery store.

One person explains, "Maybe people at the store, you know, want to sell me something."

But if you have done it to others, what are the chances that someone has done it to you? We'd really like to know but, hold on, I'm getting a call, and we'll be right back!