Central New York family and friends survive Oklahoma tornado

A storm alerts went out across the country late this afternoon many Central New Yorkers worried about family and friends in the path of the tornado in Oklahoma. They were calling, texting, e-mailing and using social media hoping for reassurance.

Mary Palladino Baldwin was concerned about her aunt and uncle who live in Moore, Oklahoma. Margaret Palladino Massey grew up in Jamesville. She has raised her family in Oklahoma. Massey's home was spared today. She did get stuck in several hours of traffic delays to travel just a few short miles. Her sons both have different stories.

The 200 mile per hour winds of the tornado flattened the home owned by her son Stephen. Thankfully, he recently moved out of the house to take a job in a nearby town. He was not harmed. His brother David captured the funnel cloud on video with his smartphone. His video was seen around the world on CNN. Wolf Blitzer interviewed him about his experience.

Syracuse University graduate and former WTVH-TV reporter Ali Meyer has worked in Oklahoma City at KFOR for the last twelve years. She reported on the tornado. She reported on CNN during the afternoon.