Central New York fire department personnel sent to New York City

Brian P. Dahl, the Director of Emergency Services, reports that the Cayuga County Emergency Management Office is deploying emergency responders to Coney Island in New York City.

The Cayuga County Emergency Operations Center was open and staffed at 4:00 Monday evening in anticipation of the damaging impact of Hurricane Sandy.

The New York State Department of Homeland Security Emergency Services asked for the immediate deployment of responders with swift water rescue capabilities.

The fire departments in Auburn, Aurelius and Owasco are deploying their Swift Water Capabilities responders to deal with imminent life and safety issues in Coney Island.

The task force will be deployed for at least 72 hours and will be working 12 hour shifts. All agencies were briefed on their mission and are to begin their operation by 6:00 on Tuesday morning.

Additional fire departments may be asked to respond in the days to come.