Central New York is running out of â??315â?? phone numbers, needs to add a new area code

Central and Northern New York are running out of new phone numbers and will need a new area code by the first quarter of 2015.

Currently, the New York State Department of Public Service is looking into options for creating a new area code for all or part of the 18 counties that use area code 315.

There are two main options being considered. The Public Service Commission (PSC) could use the overlay method where all existing customers would keep their number and new service lines would use the new area code. If the PSC uses an overlay, everyone in Central and Northern New York would need to dial the area code for all local calls.

The PSC could also use a geographic split where one region would keep the 315 area code and the other region would keep their same seven digit telephone number but change to the new area code. In a geographic split, all wireless numbers in the new area code would have to have their cell phones and devices reprogrammed.

New York State has only added one new area code in the past five years and the PSC used the overlay method in that case.

A Verizon spokesperson said the company would prefer that the overlay method be used since it is "more practical" and allows more customers to keep the same phone numbers they have had for years.

The PSC recommended the overly as the best option back in 2008 when the issued was previously discussed. The decision was put on hold as the numbers werenâ??t running out as quickly as first thought.

The PSC is interested in public comment on the new area code for Central and Northern New York.

You can submit comments electronically to Hon. Jeffrey C. Cohen, Acting Secretary, at or by mail or delivery to Acting Secretary Cohen at the Department of Public Service, Three Empire State Plaza, Albany, New York 12223-1350.

Comments may also be entered directly into the case by locating the case through the Commissionâ??s website. Click on "Search," and enter 07-C-1486 in the "Search by Case Number" field.

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