Central New York snowstorm! Thanks California!

This is the time of year when weather patterns are starting to change, with days getting longer, the sun getting higher and stronger, and the average daily temperatures on the rise. The gradual change of season is taking place, although not fast enough for many folks.

In the weather business, this can be an especially hectic time, especially when forecasting for not only here in Central New York, but for other parts of the United States and Canada, like southern California for instance.

If you don TMt like the storm we have on Friday, you can blame energy in the upper levels of the atmosphere diving down from the northern Pacific Ocean into California. My company, Precision Weather Service, has been having a dickens of a time dealing with batches of rain and energy driving into southern California for the past couple of weeks. This energy has an effect on them AND us!

For them, we TMve had to forecast for the recent Grammy Awards a couple of weekends ago, the NBA All-Star Game last weekend and several movie premieres, all in the Los Angeles area where sprinkles to them are like an all day driving rain storm for us! And this weekends we TMve got our hands full dealing with more energy and more moisture our there just in time for the biggest weekend of the whole year, The Academy Awards and all those festivities through Sunday night.

It TMs interesting to note however that the off and on bad, wintry weather we TMve been seeing locally all started from our friends out there on the west coast as that energy and moisture came onshore. I suppose we can TMt blame them directly, but as I am forecasting rain in Los Angeles, at the same time I am saying to myself|Oh boy| more bad weather heading for central NY!

I have no doubt we TMll all be fine and things will work out. Despite the chance for some rain, the LA scene will continue to party under the stars (maybe under rented tents), but it will be fine. And for us, we TMll survive too, after a little shoveling.