Central New York voters react to Romney's comments

Voters in Central New York are reacting to Romney's 47% comments Tuesday night. At the annual Eastwood Neighborhood Association meeting, the Mayor of Syracuse, Democrat Stephanie Miner said she's not surprised.

"I'd like to say I was shocked but what I was surprised by was how candid he was because I think anyone who's been following his policies understands that's who he plans to govern for," says Miner.

Calling Romney's caught on tape comments unfortunate, Tom Dadey, the Chairman of the Onondaga Republican Committee says it's not something to focus on.

"It definitely wasn't Governor Romney's most eloquent moment but it's a distraction away from the poor record President Obama has," says Dadey.

At the Neighborhood Association Meeting in the heart of Eastwood, people had a lot of different opinions about Governor Romney's comments.

"I think he's a decent guy who is having a hard time being honest with himself and his opinions but in this case I think he was speaking what he believes," says David Greenfield.

"I'm sad he would think that. It's too bad. Romney's a rich guy. I depend on social security, not entirely but I feel I worked for it," says Margaret Wicks.

"We as a people feel we should have pathways out of poverty, support the middle class, help our seniors, help students, help veterans, and the way you do that is having policies that are aimed at helping everyone not just the select one percent," says Miner.

"The democrats are very good at trying to distract away from the major issues facing our country because these issues aren't going to go away," says Dadey.

With only 50 days left, it remains to be seen if these candid comments will make Governor Romney more or less likable to voters in November.