Central New Yorkers express opposite sides of love spectrum on Valentine's Day

A woman was shocked when local musician Mike McKay showed up at the dental office she works at in North Syracuse with a special serenade. Her girlfriend is one of more than 30 Central New Yorkers surprising their sweetheart with what McKay calls a "love-o-gram."

"It's the best Valentine's Day I've ever had because I get to see everybody's happiness right in front of me all day long," says McKay.

On the other side of the romance spectrum, Fayetteville attorney, Michael Underwood, is offering a Valentine's Day promotion, a free divorce.

"To me, Valentine's Day is about love, friendship, family, but for people in an unhappy relationship, it's just a reminder about their stressful situation," says Underwood.

Underwood says Valentine's Day is the busiest day of the year. Last year, he received calls from more than 10 new clients on the date set aside each year to celebrate love.

"In December people have a lot of concentrated time together over the holidays, then January people make resolutions about making changes in their life, and by the time February roles around and Valentine's Day they really want to change their unhappy situation," says Underwood.

The response to his promotion has been so overwhelming, he's extended the deadline to Friday February 15 at midnight. To enter the contest, visit his website.

Back with the lovebirds and McKay who loves spreading the love, who's the lucky lady who stole his heart?

"I only have one Valentine and she's the most important woman in my life and that is my mother. She's the best," says McKay.

Whether your confessing your love and devotion or dreading the hallmark holiday, it's clear Central New Yorkers are finding unique ways to embrace the holiday.