Central New Yorkers get a taste of small business at Harvest Fest

Mackenzie Williams speaks with people at Harvest Fest

Wine, beer, cheese, mustard, olives and other foods highlighted the Pride of New York Harvest Fest at the New York State Fairgrounds this weekend, as about 50 of New York's small businesses gave the public a taste of their products.

Each table had something a little bit different, with each vendor trying to spark sales by giving the interested public a sample of their foods.

"It really helps get our product out there faster than just word of mouth," Mackenzie Williams of Rome Grown Garlic Olives says. "By you coming here and tasting it you can say, 'yeah, I really like that'."

Many of those in attendance were saying, "yeah, I really like that." Noting the variety of foods and drinks available, all grown here in New York State.

"I'm quite impressed by the variety of vendors here," Gregory Redmond, a North Syracuse native says. "Everything from food, to beer to wine, to specialty gourmet foods, it's quite vast, so we enjoy it."

While many locals showed up to the Horticulture building to get a taste, the festival attracted people from well beyond the Central New York borders as well. John Braun and Kris Stone, both hailing from Boston, came back to Harvest Festival today for the second year, and said they would make it three next year as well.

"A lot of great local foods, and beers and wines, the great thing is that there's a mix of everything, beer, wine and also food," Braun says. "All the vendors have no problem reaching out to you, giving you information, just to get to know who you are," Stone added.

Tickets are $20 at the door, and the event continues from noon until 5 p.m. on Sunday.