Central New Yorkers putting away snow boots, welcoming warmer weather

In just one week, Central New Yorkers swapped out their snow boots for the warmer weather, welcoming in the first signs of spring.

At Onondaga Lake Park, it was warm enough to not wear a jacket.

"Today, I would say, is the first time we've really been out and enjoying it. We were both really looking forward to the blue skies and warm weather," says Kiley Becker, from Skaneateles.

The Dorsett family is originally from the Bahamas, and for them, this weather is not what they would usually consider warm.

"This is cold to us. But since we've been here for awhile, you know, we've become accustomed to enjoying this weather as warm," says Kristen Dorsett.

For others, the weather signals the chance to get out and grab some exercise.

"I was working out with the boys today, doing some cheetah rolls, some sandbag tosses. And it was a lovely 60 degrees outside todayâ?¦ really enjoying it," says Jed Boswell.

But will the warm temperatures stay? Some parts of Central New York could see temperatures that break the 70-degree mark at some points this week, while other areas could see temperatures that are still in the 40s.

Itâ??s a fluctuation that shows that spring is around the corner, but not necessarily in full swing just yet.

"I don't want to get my hopes up and say this is officially the start of spring, but you don't know. It might snow again," says Rachel Bianchi, from Fairmount.

More snow is something people are hoping they won't see anymore of this season.