Central New Yorkers react to Laurie Fine news conference

Laurie Fine's public announcement of her plan to sue ESPN for libel is the first time we've heard from her since the allegations of sexual abuse against her husband, Bernie Fine, first broke.

Her news conference is quickly becoming the talk of the town.

â??She should have called a press conference a long time of go to apologize to the community and leave it at that,â?? said Kayla Nolan.

"I think she's just out to get money,â?? said David Latzkowski.

It's more than just money according to Laurie, who accuses ESPN of airing false statements from her husbandâ??s chief accuser Bobby Davis for television ratings.

She says the sports network has forced her into a life of seclusion, no longer able to show her face in public.

Sports/talk radio host Brent Axe says that much may be true, but says she's going about this lawsuit the wrong way.

â??A way to fix that is to not get in front of a camera at a big time press conference with national media present...and every local media outlet you can think of,â?? he said Wednesday afternoon on his radio program â??On the Block with Brent Axeâ??.

Meanwhile, a community still coming to grips with the allegations is offering up little support for the former coach's wife, saying she should have spoken up a long time ago.

â??She should have said something,â?? Nolan said. â??At the very least (for example), I'm just as stunned as you are.â??

Bernie Fine who, according to his wife, now lives in Florida has denied all allegations of sexual abuse.

No charges have ever been filed in the case, although a federal investigation is ongoing.