Central New Yorkers react to study claiming 50% will be obese in 2030

A new study from the non profit Wood Johnson Foundation projects that by 2030, 50% of New Yorkers will be obese. And for many Central New Yorkers, it's not a shocking statistic, especially when you consider how sedentary children tend to be these days. Amy Davis took a break from her workout to talk about how times have changed.

"They go outside for half hour for a pickup football game if you're lucky but within 5 or 10 minutes they're bored and want to play a video game. They want to be entertained rather than entertain themselves like we did as kids," says Davis.

With all of the recent health initiatives, like the new guidelines for school lunches, is this outcome inevitable? Julie Mellon, a dietician with the Upstate University Hospital says she hasn't given up hope.

"It's to say without looking ahead but I hope so. It has to come down to what you're eating," says Mellon.

Dieticians say the best way to prevent obesity is to use the portion plate as a guideline. Half of your plate should be fruit and vegetables, 1/4 whole grains, and another 1/4 lean meat or protein.{>}

And of course, get plenty of exercise. But former body builder and gym owner, Jeramy Freeman says it's important to make it a regular, fun, family activity.

"Make exercise a priority. Not just for yourself but your entire family so you're teaching children from a young age to put exercise into their day. When you teach that it becomes part of their lifestyle rather than something they have to do when it's a must because they've gained so much weight," says Freeman

"Don't be overwhelmed by this study. It's a wake up call, we need to do more. And baby steps. Small changes and they build on each other," says Mellon.

Taking baby steps to prevent this startling statistic from becoming a reality.