Central New Yorkers ready to cheer on U.S. in game against Germany

For soccer fans around the globe, the World Cup is more than just a game.

â??Just the fact that they play it every four years, it doesn't come very often,â?? says soccer fan Shawn Park. â??And also pretty much the entire world is involved in it.â??

Flags of all different countries cover the walls inside Kitty Hoynes in Syracuse, but in this case to help cheer on the U.S. men's team. Kitty Hoynes is hosting a watch party for the game against Germany; helping to bring an entire community together, at least for a few hours.

â??A ton of energy,â?? says David Hoyne. â??One of the greatest moments is when they sing the national anthem and everybody is up there singing it.â??

Many World Cup games are played during the week and in the middle of the day, but at Small Plates, they still expect upwards of 300 people, even on a Thursday at noon.

â??When the games are going on it's insane here,â?? says Adam Zimmer. â??You can't count as many people that are here.â??

The U.S. needs to at least tie with Germany to advance to the knockout round. If they win they will finish first in their group, giving them a better seed in the round of 16, but many soccer fans are split over the importance of going for the win, instead of playing for the tie.

â??A draw will be just fine, as long as we move on, people just expected to not even be in the running,â?? says soccer fan Joseph Tuazon.

You have to go for the win against the Germans, because the Germans are one of the best going,â?? says Adam Zimmer. â??So it's all or nothing, it's all or nothing.â??

Many soccer fans say seeing the team advance to the next round would only help increase popularity on the sport here in the U.S.

â??The more and more that you watch the World Cup, especially the more that the U.S. is in it, especially around here, people will start getting more tuned into it,â?? says Joseph Tuazon.

Rooting for the U.S. to win in the World Cup, which means so much more than almost any other game.