Central Square Pee Wee running back meets NFL idol

Adrian Peterson and Vikings teammates sign autographs for Nicholas Schill.

Nicholas Schill had been looking forward to this day for the past five months. As the Minnesota Vikings battled back in an incredible come-from-behind overtime victory over the Bears, Schill was in the stands cheering on his favorite team thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and employees at CXtec and TERACAI.

Schill, a ten-year-old from Central Square, NY who suffers from acute asthma and an immune deficiency, knows adversity first hand. Since birth, Nick has battled with his illness, which often limits the Pop Warner football player from doing everything a healthy child wants to do.

But Schill doesnâ??t let his condition hold him back from emulating his favorite NFL player, five-time Pro Bowler Adrian Peterson, on the football field.

â??Sometimes he needs a quick breather and his inhaler, but he gets mad if you try to suggest that he sit out a play,â?? laughed Redmen Junior Pee Wee football head coach Rob Rhinehardt. â??Even with the issues he has he always gives it 100-percent. The kid basically lives, eats and breathes football. He just loves being out there playing with the other kids and having a great time."

Schill and his family didnâ??t just get the chance to see todayâ??s game from just anywhere inside the Metrodome. Upon hearing that Schill had made it his wish to see him play, Peterson donated his personal tickets to the Schill family and set up some time before kickoff to meet his biggest fan.

Back home, Schillâ??s friends, family members and Redmen teammates gathered for a Vikings viewing party.

â??Weâ??re not all Vikings fans, but weâ??re Nicholas fans,â?? explained team mom Ila West, while donning a purple and gold Vikings shirt. â??So weâ??re here for Nicholas today.â??

Schill plays running back and wears number 28 on the field and according to his coach, the similarities between he and his idol donâ??t stop there.

â??Heâ??s always had that natural flow to his running game,â?? said Rhinehardt. â??He doesnâ??t think about it. He just does it.â??

This is the sixth wish granted by Cxtec and TERACAI. The companies hope to be part of another wish later this year.