Centro fight caught on tape causes concern for neighbors

A fight on a Centro bus last October.

Ashlee Brothers is waiting for her bus on Salina Street to take her to her home in Eastwood.

"Sometimes the bus is totally packed to where you have to be standing up and then sometimes I can actually get a seat," says Brothers.

A regular ride which Ashlee is used to turned into a profanity laced fight which was captured on video on October 19th, on a Centro bus.

"What if there's kids sitting right up front where the fight was taking place? Parents don't want their children to be around that type thing, you know what I mean?" says Brothers.

After seeing this video, some neighbors like Sandra Elliott want to see action taken to make sure fights like these can be handled in the future.

"I think that there should be a security guard on a bus or something, it's not cool I think there should be more security going on," says Elliott.

Centro plans to keep their buses running the same as always. They say their driver acted appropriately by following Centro's protocol in this situation.

Steven Koegel is the director of communications for Centro. "First thing you do is you secure the bus and then you immediately contact our dispatch and then our dispatch will then contact authorities which is what happened in this case," says Koegel.

A fight which Centro says can unfortunately happen, even if it's on a day when riders like Ashlee take the bus just like any other day.