Champ 'happiest he's been' since arriving at local shelter

Champ recovering from leg amputation surgery

Champ, the stray and starving dog found in Cortland County, continues to recover from leg amputation surgery.

The Country Acres Animal Shelter says Champ had a rough start to the weekend because his pain medications were too strong. His medications have now been adjusted and Champ is doing great. Champ was shot in the right hind leg and the damage was so severe, the leg needed to be amputated.

The animal shelter says Champ is running around and is the happiest he's been since he was brought to the shelter.

So far Champ has discovered two things about not having his right hind leg, the shelter says. Champ doesn't need to lift his leg to urinate anymore and he can't scratch his right ear, but if he leans on people, they're willing to help him out with that.