Changes could be coming for Cortland-Ithaca weekend after Cortaca riots

Student jumps off roof after Cortaca football game.

The Cortaca Commission is expected to release their reports on the upcoming Cortland-Ithaca weekend this fall within the next two weeks. Last November during the Cortland-Ithaca game, students took to the streets in Cortland, throwing bottles and blocking traffic.

Any changes to the upcoming game are expected to be announced after the release of the report.

Some students say they would like to see two things. An increased police presence during the game and for the school to increase their activities provided on campus. Many students feel the police response was too late during last seasonĂ¢??s game. In addition, The Cortland Police Department says they do not want to comment until after the Commission releases their report on the upcoming game.

Alongside students, the Cortland County Business Community would like to see this game continue to prosper. It brings in $2.5 million to businesses across the county. Tammy Timmerman is the president of the Cortland County Tavern and Restaurant Association. Cortland is in a new conference, and Timmerman would like to see bigger weekends in addition to Cortland verses Ithaca. In order to keep businesses booming and fans coming to Cortland, both students and business hope any changes will be beneficial.