Changes to Mega Millions game increases jackpots, chances of winning

The New York Lottery is announcing changes to the popular Mega Millions game.

Starting Tuesday, October 22, players will see larger starting jackpots, faster growing jackpots, and a million-dollar second prize to go along with better odds of winning any prize, according to the New York Gaming Commission.

The price to play will stay $1.

The starting jackpot will grow from $12 million to $15 million, with the jackpot growing by at least $5 million every time the there is a drawing with no winner.

You can buy your tickets reflecting the change starting on Saturday.

The drawing method will remain the same, with five white balls and one gold Mega ball, however the number of white balls will increase to 75 and the number of gold balls will decrease to 15, resulting in overall odds of 1 in 15 to win a prize, according to the Gaming Commission.