Cheapest groceries: Where can you find them?

When you head to the grocery story today, check out your bill when you check out. Many of you probably already know how expensive it is to fill up on food for your family. But would shopping around be your money-saving solution?

Costly grocery prices have some people shopping at various discount stores. But do you really know where to find the cheapest items when it comes to stocking up on grocery staples?

There's no doubt consumers are frustrated over the high cost of groceries these days. Just in the last year, grocery prices went up 6 percent, according to government statistics. Some people even drive further distances from home to find cheaper groceries.

But you don't just have to drive to another supermarket. You can also try a discount store like Target or Wal-Mart, even a drug store like CVS. All offer groceries, but can they really save you money?

Is food more expensive at convenience stores, drug stores and specialty stores? Are groceries cheapest at discount stores and big grocery chains.

Take this list of simple staples: eggs, coffee, milk, soup, mac-n-cheese, Cheerios, bread, bacon, laundry detergent and bananas. Checking out Safeway, Wal-Mart, CVS, Target Whole Foods, and Seven-Eleven, most of the high prices were at Seven-Eleven, and most of the low prices were at Wal-Mart. But there were some surprises.

Safeway was the most expensive place to buy a dozen eggs at $2.59. The same day at Target, they priced $1.89. The most expensive gallon of whole milk was found at CVS for $4.29. The cheapest was at Whole Foods for $3.49.

A can of condensed chicken noodle soup priced $1.79 at Seven-Eleven. It was $1.25 at Wal-Mart and only $0.50 at Safeway. A pound of butter cost $4.99 at Seven-Eleven, $2.98 at Wal-Mart and $2.99 at Whole Foods.

Whole Foods had the most expensive box of Cheerios. A 14 oz. Box cost $4.09 there. At CVS, the same box was $2.75.

Does any of this surprise you? Where do you shop for groceries? Where have you found the best discounts? Leave your thoughts below.

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