Cheerios stops using genetically modified ingredients

General Mills has announced that Cheerios will not be made using genetically modified ingredients anymore.

According to a

USA Today

article, the move comes after increased pressure from consumers and activist groups to remove genetically modified organisms from the cereal. The oats used to make Cheerios have never contained any GMOs, but the company made changes to its sourcing, such as using only non-GMO pure can sugar instead of beet sugar.

The change was actually made many weeks ago.

Many consumers have had concerns about the health impact of GMOs, although there is not much scientific evidence that says food made with GMOs is any less safe.

Companies like Kashi and Chipotle have announced plans to phase out GMOs from their food. General Mills says it has no plans to phase out GMOs from the rest of the cereals.

"For our other (non-organic) cereals, the widespread use of GM seed in crops such as corn, soy, or beet sugar would make reliably moving to non-GM ingredients difficult, if not impossible," says the company, in a statement.