Child playing with lighter possibly started fire that killed 3-year-old in Oswego

Jeremiah Haskins

A 3-year-old is dead following a house fire that police say was inadvertently set by a child who was playing with a lighter.

Fire officials say 3-year-old Jeremiah Haskins died in a fire at a two-family home in the City of Oswego around 8:42 p.m. on Saturday night.

Police say preliminary evidence indicates that the fire at 70 West Mohawk Street was inadvertently set by a child who was playing with a lighter in the home.

Police say that because the child is under the age of seven, there have not been any criminal charges filed against the child.

Fire officials said three other children and two adults were taken to Oswego Hospital, and are okay.

Fire Chief Jeff McCrobie says the investigation is ongoing.

McCrobie says he hopes this sends a message to parents to check their homes for fire safety.

McCrobie reminds parents that if you burn candles or smoke in your home, check to make sure your children donâ??t have access the materials. McCrobie reminds all residents to check your smoke detectors.

Later this month, possibly by the end of the week, the City of Oswego will launch a program to supply hundreds of smoke detectors to residents who need them. The program will allow firefighters to install the smoke detectors as a service and to help increase awareness about fire safety.

The program is not a direct result of the fire over the weekend, but is the result of a fundraising campaign that involves Eagle Beverage, Anheuser Busch, Oswego Firefighters Association Local 2707, and Rabyâ??s Ace Home Center.