Chilly temperatures in Central New York increase frostbite concerns

While most of us just wanted to stay inside on Friday, Brad Everett Jr. saw an opportunity. He wanted a new iPod case, and talked his dad into going with him as he made money shoveling the driveways and sidewalks around Eastwood.

The Everett's were well prepared for the cold.

"I told him to put on layers and we layered up," said Brad Everett Sr. "I think we have four layers on right now."

But some people may not be prepared for the sub-zero temperatures. The tingling or slightly painful feeling you can have in your fingertips on a cold day means although your skin has not completely frozen, you need to get inside soon. When the wind-chill hits -10 degrees, frostbite can occur in under 30 minutes.

Doctors at Upstate University Hospital have been seeing people who are having serious complications after spending too much time outdoors.

"People aren't necessarily aware of how cold they are getting and we have been seeing some interesting blistering, especially on the feet," said Dr. Eben Barus. "People are not wearing the proper footwear."

Dr. Barus said frostbite does not have to do with physical health or "toughness".

"It is a matter of physics," Barus said. "It is going to take the heat out of your skin and eventually the water in there will start to freeze."

For minor cases of cold, warm, not hot, water can help. For serious cases, medical attention may be required.