Chittenango Chief of Police under investigation

The Chittenango Chief of Police, Jeffrey Paul, is under investigation by the Madison County Sheriffâ??s Office and District Attorneyâ??s Office.

The Madison County Sheriffâ??s Office says it recently executed search warrants at the Village of Chittenango Police Department and Chittenango Village Offices. The Paul Funeral Home, located in the Town of Madison and the Town of Brookfield, was also searched.

The Sheriffâ??s Office says the warrants were executed as part of an ongoing investigation concerning Paul.

Paul is also a part-time Deputy Sheriff with Madison County.

The investigation is being conducted by the Madison County Sheriffâ??s Office and the Madison County District Attorneyâ??s Office. The Sheriffâ??s Office says Village of Chittenango authorities as well as Paul have been cooperative with Sheriffâ??s investigators.

The Village of Chittenango says in a statement that it was informed if the investigation by the Sherriffâ??s Office. The results of the search were turned over to the District Attorney for disposition.

The Sheriffâ??s Office says further information will be released next week.

Madison County District Attorney William Gabor says they are still investigating and expects to see more information released from the Sheriffâ??s Office next week.

No arrests have been made and Paul has not been charged.