Chittenango hires Fred Corey as new Police Chief

A month after Chittenango's top cop was arrested for double dipping, the Village has a new Police Chief.

The Village Board voted to hire Fred Corey as the new head of the department. Corey was a police officer for 24 years before retiring. He has also served as a Lieutenant with the Onondaga County Sheriff's Department as well as a Sergeant with the Town of Clay Police Department.

Chittenango's former chief, 53-year-old Jeffrey Paul, of Canastota, was arrested in March for allegedly submitting time sheets that overlapped periods of time between his jobs. He was also serving as a part-time Sheriff's deputy in Madison County.

Madison County Sheriff's deputies say Paul submitted official time sheets for both positions, which included overlapping periods of time that he conducted work for both agencies, and his personal business at the Paul Funeral Home.

Paul was later relieved of his duties with the Village of Chittenango and the Sheriff's Department.