Chittenango School District considers closing one school, expanding another to save money

Parents and community members of the Chittenango School District are learning about a plan to possibly close one of the elementary schools.

Superintendent Michael Schiedo says one building will have to close by 2015 in order to reduce expenses or programs will have to be cut, such as art or athletics.

Schiedo says Lake Street Elementary School is being considered as the school to close because it's the oldest school having been built in 1928 and would cause the least amount of disruption to students.

If Lake Street were to close, other schools would be responsible for more students. Bolivar Road Elementary School would become a kindergarten through 4th grade school, the middle school would educate students in grades 5 through 8 and the high school wouldn't be affected.

Four classrooms would have to be added to Bolivar in order to handle the extra students, but at least $500,000 could be saved by closing one building.

The school district is still looking for feedback from the community and will hold another informational meeting about the possibility of closing an elementary school in early February.