Chobani founder apologizes for yogurt recall

Chobani homepage image with apology letter.

Hamdi Ulukaya, the founder of Chobani Yogurt, is sorry about having some of his product, produced at a plant in Idaho, possibly make people sick. So sorry, in fact, that his letter to customers takes up the entire front page of their website.

He offers apologies for the problems, assures customers that the problems are fixed, and that fresh product is on its way to store shelves.

The first words of the letter, â??Iâ??m sorry we let you down,â?? shows a side of a now-major corporation that we donâ??t often see: accountability.

The letter puts to rest any questions consumers may have about who is responsible and what that person plans to do to fix it. There is no call to a 1-800 line for comments or complaints. We know Mr. Ulukaya takes the responsibility solely on his shoulders, and his apology reflects that.

You can read the letter