Chobani registers business in Delaware to foster growth

Chobani has registered their business in the state of Delaware, according to a company representative.

The New York Post reported that the company moved the headquarters to Delaware, but a Chobani rep says that is simply not true. The rep told CNY Central that they are still headquartered in New York and still do business here.

This is the statement from Chobani:

"Our home remains in New York where Chobani was founded, where our yogurt is made and where our company is headquartered. Like many companies based around the country, Chobani registered in Delaware earlier this year to permit greater flexibility in operating and growing the business."

Chobani is headquartered in New Berlin and has been rumored to be going public, but until this move, the rumors were just that; rumors. The Post reports that Chobani landed a $750 million loan from a private equity firm last month, which could open the door to the launch of an IPO.

More than 50 percent of publicly traded companies call Delaware home, thanks to the stateâ??s corporate-friendly laws.

The Chobani production facility in New Berlin will remain open.

What do you think about Chobaniâ??s push to expand its business?