Christian Brothers Academy celebrates cultural diversity

Christian Brothers Academy's Multicultural Day Assembly performers

Students, faculty and staff at Christian Brothers Academy, in Dewitt, gathered to celebrate the schoolâ??s cultural diversity on Tuesday.

CBAâ??s "Multicultural Day Assembly" featured a number of student performances focusing on diversity, including Irish, Vietnamese and Salsa dancers.

African American storyteller Vanessa Johnson was this yearâ??s guest speaker at the assembly.

Irish Dancer Mary Spizuoco says the goal of Multicultural Day is to help CBA â??s students appreciate the cultural heritage they all share.

"It really allows our school to show the diversity of all the students, and we are able to represent the different cultures around the world," says Spizuoco. "Many of the students here donâ??t realize how diverse we actually are, so this assembly is a way for us to educate everyone about the different cultures that we have here."

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