Christmas Bureau registration extended, will take place Tuesday

Last year's Christmas Bureau giveaway. this year's distribution will take place at the Oncenter.


he people at the
Salvation Army in Syracuse say fewer people than expected have signed up for their annual Christmas Bureau give-away, so they're providing another day of registration for disadvantaged families.


sually up to 27


people will register for the annual event at the
Oncenter where they can pick up food baskets and toys for their families. This year registration totaled 2450 so far. Liddy Hintz, who oversees the registration thinks the cold weather last week had something to do with it. "We saw a lot of people come in and say it's really cold out there... hard to get here. So when we got to the final numbers, we thought we should open it up a little while longer...just to make sure no one misses out on this opportunity to be able to give gifts to their children." Hintz said.


amilies who meet income requirements have one last chance to register for the
Christmas Bureau, Tuesday, December 17th between 9:00 am until Noon at the Oncenter in downtown Syracuse. For information on eligibility requirements, families should call the HELPLINE at 435-8300.


intz says the numerous sponsors for the
Christmas Bureau, including CXNY Central have stepped up so there are plenty of donations to hand out on December 23rd.,