Cicero blood drive honors legacy of 17 year old Taylor Flemming

Blood Drive in Cicero honors Taylor Fleming, 17, who died in car crash in December 2011.

Family and friends of 17-year-old Taylor Fleming came together Friday in Cicero for a blood drive in her honor.

Fleming died in December 2011 after getting into a car crash on Northern Boulevard.

Her sister, Kaleigh Fleming, says Taylor lived to help others. In fact, the last thing she did before the accident was volunteer at an elementary school.

"She wanted to go to school to be a special education teacher so she would have either done that or therapy. She always wanted to help somebody. It's just been so hard. We just want everyone to remember her. We don't want her memory to ever fade," says Fleming.

During her time in the hospital, Taylor needed a lot of blood. Her family and friends say if she was here today she would want to give that blood back to the community.

Her close friend, Shannon Amidon says the blood drive paints a clear picture of who Taylor was.

"She just loved to help people She did anything that she could and this just adds to that. It keeps her memory going and does what she would do," says Amidon.

To this day, her friends, like Tori Caporuscio, wear t-shirts with her name to remember the kind of person she was.

"All the nice quotes on the back, she is forever in our hearts and always on our minds, and its a good reminder," says Caporuscio.

"It's just so sad. It's just really different. There's not a day that doesn't go by that we don't talk about her or think about her. And there's so many pictures of her around and we always missing her," says Fleming.