Cicero couple brings home adopted Haitian boys

Paul and Julie Rumo are back home with three new additions to their family. "It's amazing to have the kids home. Few glitches in the flights today, but we're home," says Paul Rumo.

The Cicero couple was in the process of adopting three Haitian brothers, 3 year old Mackenly, and 5 year old twins Mackenzie and Mackenson, when last month's catastrophic earthquake rocked Haiti. The two flew to Florida to bring the brothers to America, and home to Cicero much sooner. Rumo describes his first time seeing one of the twins this week for the first time, saying. "He was in bed when we got there last night and when he saw us come in the room. He jumped out of bed. He noticed us. It was amazing."

For Ed Appleton, this is three new grandchildren all at once. When asked if he plans to spoil the new additions to the family, Appleton says, "Oh naturally. Isn't that what grandparents are supposed to do?"

The hardest part of the adoption process is over, now the Rumos can work on the rest at home. A relief for the family of now nine that now has a lot of adjusting to do. "I truly don't think they grasp what's going on. Typically what happens, especially in Haitian adoptions, families come in, spend a few days with the children and then they leave. This time we're not leaving, and they're not leaving," says Paul Rumo.

The Rumos will spend the next few weeks getting the boys adjusted to life here in America. Thanks to the generous support of the community, they'll have three new beds in a recently renovated bedroom. All they have to do now is get used to some Syracuse snow.